“I believe that we need to ensure we create the right solutions and that involving users is the best way to figure it out. And that small, frequent and concrete user input is the best approach”


In this video I share 3 concrete ways of ensuring user friendly public solutions (the talk is in Danish).

Articles & podcasts

“Why UX”-Podcast featuring Lena Egede. 24 minutes podcast about about how I found my path to UX, what I do on a daily basis in my job and how I see the future of UX.

Styr uden om de umulige spørgsmål Article about how to ask about the right stuff when you’re talking to users (in Danish)

Ting du ikke bør brugerteste Article about how to think analytical and use you time on testing in a sensible way (in Danish)

Derfor er små brugertests bedre end store Article about why you should do small user tests in order to keep the overview of the tasks and actually get it done (in Danish)’s blog post about Bastard Usertests (in Danish)

My five pieces of advice on how to involve users:

  • Don’t test too late. Don’t only test finished stuff or wait for Big Bang – think ‘minimal viable test’
  • Don’t keep the knowledge to yourself – think impact first and involve people
  • Don’t expect people to be interested – there’s nothing wrong with you! That’s  just the way it (still) often is
  • Don’t stick to just one method – expand your UX-toolbox
  • Don’t start out too big – small is much better than nothing:)