I Help

I help imagine, create & refine user experiences. And I help organisations gain the expertise to do it themselves.
More or less everything related to UX and service design is in my toolbox.

How may I help you?

Advice on your UX challenges

  • I can help you get the most out of your UX budget
  • Find the process that suits your problem and skills
  • No matter which app, website, system, device or screen size

Plan & manage UX projects

  • I can ensure successful execution and measurement of your UX activities
  • Clarify your needs and your project’s goals internally in order to focus and specify your project
  • Recommend methodology and plan activities
  • Shortlist and/or hire external consultants

… I participate as far in the process as you need me to

Boost your UX team

  • I share knowledge, listen and inspire in order to bring your internal team to their next level
  • Establish UX practices in organisations
  • Set up super-efficient user input routines internally based on qualitative and/or quantitative data
  • Training and supervision

Do all kinds of user explorations

  • Pilot testing of concepts – qualitative and quantitative data collection methods
  • User research – various approaches to oversee all interactions in the customer/user life cycle
  • Service design – output could be customer or user journeys
  • User testing and workshops
  • Evaluation of information architecture and usability

Sounds like gibberish?

Let’s talk about the problem
you want to solve instead