I’ve worked on numerous projects throughout my career. The cases featured here are selected ones from my freelance portfolio 2016-17.
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Unity Technologies

  • Ongoing UX tasks improving Unity’s web based global activities
  • Concept and wireframing of an online learning universe

(Danish Agency for Digitisation)

  • Numerous user testing sessions e.g. related to and NemID

(Danish Business Authority)

  • Internal workshop clarifying the goals and needs for user insights
  • Planning of a series of user investigations of
  • Shortlist of external consultants

Nordisk Film biografer

  • Competitor analysis; One day user testing sessions and workshop before a redesign of a mobile based ticket selling system

  • Writing knowledge based articles about best-practice regarding user investigations


  • Advice on how to do user investigations
  • User tests and interviews with users


  • Several expert reviews of a web app in order to improve the on-boarding process and overall user experience

Region H.

  • User testing with doctors and nurses
  • Development of research based heuristics targeted advanced health care systems