The cases featured here are selected from my career as an independent consultant starting in 2016.
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Ekstra Bladet

  • Workshop with development team about how to work with user experience in an agile way
  • User testing of a soccer app

Lirum Larum Leg

  • Advice about how to improve usability on B2C website
  • Internal workshop creating solutions

(Danish Business Authority)

  • Planning and fascilitating a Design Sprint inspired by Google Ventures but done in just 1,5 days
  • Internal workshop for employees

Unity Technologies

  • UX lead in the development of a global learning universe for game creators
  • Collaberation with co-workers and stakeholders in 5 different time zones
  • Quick user testing sessions

(Danish Agency for Digitisation)

  • Numerous user testing sessions –,  NemID and more
  • Internal workshops sharing knowledge and creating solutions


  • UX tasks improving DFDS’s online logistic solutions for B2B customers
  • Collaboration with stakeholders in Europe
  • Remotely moderated user testing sessions

Unity Technologies

  • Ongoing UX tasks improving Unity’s global e-shops and developing new event pages and other subsites
  • User journeys, wireframing, expert evaluations, quick user teesting and more

  • User testing with employees and patients of a new online health care service
  • Internal workshop sharing knowledge and creating solutions

(Danish Business Authority)

  • Internal workshop clarifying the goals and needs for user insights
  • Planning of a series of user investigations of
  • Shortlist of external consultants

Nordisk Film Cinemas

  • Quick user testing sessions ending with a workshop kickstarting a redesign of a mobile ticket selling system. All done in just one day!

  • UI improvements of TestLab’s tool for remote user testing
  • Creating content for their website about best practices in UX research


  • Advice on how to do user investigations among house owners and craftsmen
  • User tests and interviews with possible users

Bonnier Publications

  • Expert reviews of web apps and web pages with focus on improving the on-boarding process
  • Several workshops finding solutions

Region H.

  • User testing with doctors, nurses and patients of the internal and external interfaces of a new health care system
  • Development of research based heuristics targeted health care systems

Union: Lederne

  • Teaching Service Design practice for Communication Management team
  • Creating custom user journey map template

This is some of the stuff I’ve been doing since 2016. But I’ve been in the UX-business since 2005 so check out my profile on LinkedIn if you want more details or just contact me.   – Lena