user needs

…results in higher conversion rate, fewer calls to support, greater customer loyalty and more positive SoMe coverage. Overall it makes your service better value and cheaper to run.

It also just makes the world a better place. That’s good too!

That’s why I wanna keep sharing user experience knowledge.


Are you …

  • Unsure which research method that suits your purpose best?
  • In need of somebody to focus or define your next user centred project?
  • Going to establish UX practices in your organisation?
  • Eager to do super efficient user testing yourself?
  • Looking for experienced consultant to do all kinds of user explorations?

Let me help you

I’m up-to-date with the Danish UX market and all modern UX methods are in my toolbox.

I’m practical and pragmatic in my approach. I believe that small, frequent and concrete input is the best approach.

Lena Egede
UX Research Expert & Advisor

+45 6167 1060


Bastard User Testing is an approach that is based on the fact that user testing is rarely about discovering every single problem in a product. Even if you could do so, chances are that the next version would be launched before you fixed them all anyway.
The main goals of Bastard User Testing are to find errors, fix them as quickly as possible, and use them to build up knowledge in the team.
With this approach, questions and test notes are logged in Excel, people from the street are your participants and your report is a workshop.


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